Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kismet Inn's Summer 2009 Testimonials

Dear Shadi,
What a warm and caring home you share. Thank you for the hospitality and enjoyable conversation over a scrumptious dinner & breakfast. Best wishes to you in your journey.
Sincerely Joe & Kara McManera

Shadi, Your inn has the perfect balance of a sensory rich yet extremely peaceful environment. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful hospitality. I wish you all the best.
Jana, Boston, MA

Thank you for yoru warm hospitality. We felt right at home. we thoroughly enjoyed the tea and sweets and the fabulous breakfast.
Warmest regards
Linda & Phil Mason, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Dear Shadi,
Thank you s much for reminding us what real hospitality means. You have created a wonderful place for crazy New Yorkers to get away to. Please join us at 'Raw Soul' in Harlem - it's the closes we can offer to a home cooked meal.
Thanks again, Candace & Ed
Harlem, NY

Shadi - Thank you so much for your hospitality and delicious food. This was the perfect end to our vacation. We will see you again soon!
Peter & Kim

Thank you for your hospitality and we thoroughly enjoyed your home. Great breakfast! Best wishes and luck to you.
Mich & Foy

We absolutely loved the house. Thank you for your warm hospitality and excellent tea. We hope to see you again soon. Best of luck.
Tom & Bette

Lovely home - beautifully decorated and situated so nicely on this lovely park! Great success to you and all the best going forward.
Thank you, Shadi! Judy

Dear Shadi
Thank you so much for the wonderful rest. Everything was great. Hope to visit you soon and take a advantage of the spa servies.
Warmest regards, Kathleen

Dearest Shadi -----
What a magical 24th. Your inn is nothing short of transformation. Thank you so much, we'll see you soon!!
Christine and Kevin

22nd, August
Shadi - It has been an absolutely delight to be here and to meet you. Thank you for arranging great massages and for the delights from your kitchen. And for you.

We are all pleased to have such a beautiful setting for this celebration of our 56th wedding anniversary.
Ed and Ruth Benedict and our family.

Shadi -
Thank you for a delightful August weekend. We took advantage of many of Maine's wonderful offerings - kayaking, biking, beach combing. After an afternoon of activity, nothing is better than a relaxing, refreshing shower and comfortable bed. We loved it all.
Best - Janet & David

Everything was wonderful. Thank you for your warmth and gracious welcoming hospitality - and the care and thought full of every detail! We hope to visit again.
David & Libbie

Shadi -
Although it was only a short stay, we fell in love with your beautiful inn and all of its treasures. Thank you for taking the time to give us a tour and for sharing with us the process of creating this wonderful place. One night was not enough... we will certainly be back!
Love, Anna & Colin

Shadi -
How would I not come here? We're almost family. It was wonderful!

Walking through the door is like stepping into another world. You made our first anniversary so... special. Thank you for your kindness. Your cooking was incredible. Our bellies are so delighted we just can't say enough. Thank you.
Love, Leah & Louie

We loved the scents in your home - the clear air, the shampoo & soap, and especially the wonderful food. It was a joy to be on the receiving end of your hospitality and of the wonderful meals that you provide. Both breakfasts I had here were full of new tastes for me, and I enjoyed them very much. I hope you continue to be blessed by your guests! Warm hearts, and also that you find time to get away and see family more often. Thank you for sharing so much of your spirit.
Blessings, Daniel Webb

August 10, 2009
You live in a beautiful state, in a beautiful home and you share the beauty of hospitality and the beauty of your spirit with your fortunate guests. Thank you for what you offer to us and to the world.
Peace, Lucy

Thank you Shadi for your lovely hospitality and delicious cooking and omelets! I feel as if I know you even though we didn't have much time to talk! We so appreciated you and your lovely home!
Tresca & Denny

Dear Shadi,
I loved every minute of my stay at the Kismet Inn! From the beautiful decor, to the wholesome and delicious food, to the most accommodating innkeeper. Everything was perfect! Nushijon as you say! Please tell Susan that her yoga sessions were great! Between the two of you my energy and spirit have been completely restored. Thank you!!! Catherine Parker, Rye, NY

Dear Shadi -
Such a beautiful, personal experience. Your decor is so unique and elegant and very much 'of you'. It is just a lovely place. I could have sat and read the whole time in the hyacinth room. Your food is so delicious and norturing. I hope to be able to come here again some day when I need another retreat. I found myself really missing my parents while I was here because I kept thinking that they would have loved it here too. Your husband and daughter are lucky to have such a creative talented, loving mother and wife. Much love, on,Shanti, Christina.

True care, compassion, and the finest company! You provided us with a very memorable weekend - Thank you for sharing your excellent talents with us.
Peace to you & yours & to our world :)
Gretchen & Bob 8/7-8/9 2009

It is with devotion and joy that you approach each day. Although it is your work, what manifests is a sweet and simple song, true to the near forgotten ways that recall a softer, slower time. There is a quiet celebration of life here at your Inn; the vibrant colors, the warmth, the tastes of a knowing cook connected to the Earth, the clear, clean breath of spaciousness, and a voice that mirrors the songbird qualities of a peaceful morning sunrise. Thank you for sharing your essence. A house is wood and mortar, a place to rest your head, but a home is comprised of life and an energy that afforded by the walls and a roof. Your home is a true place of beauty, for its essence is reflected not only in its brilliant design, but the openness of joyous spirit that is built with your care. Much thanks and many blessings.
Nushejon! Scott & Kim Sullivan, Woodbury CT

Shadi, Like ships passing while sailing through the night-
our kindred souls have connected in our paths of life-
We are eternally grateful for the uplifting experience.....
Lisa McDonnell & Sam

Dear Shadi, 'Enchanted Lady!'
You certainly deserve to be recommended for realizing your vision of an ambiance that is a remarkable combination of modern ethical integrity in traditionally gracious surroundings.
Thank you. Alice and John Trumball, Melbourn, Australia

Dear Shadi,
We jad such a wonderful time in Bath, ME especially at the Kismet Inn. Every inch of this inn is unique and beautiful. Breakfast was peaceful and delicious and we cannot wait to come back and visit soon.
Your friends, Kristine & Jeff
Kind of Prussia, PA

Dear Shadi,
Thank you for a wonderful place to stay on our 1st trip to Bath, ME. It was a lovely place to stay ond the farmers market was an excellent suggestion.
Best, Courtney, Josie, Dave & Addi

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for such a lovely visit in your relaxing and refreshing inn. Your hospitality is epic!
All the best, Megan & Murray

Dear Shadi,
You are my "soul mate" of sorts. You are wise and care for all of humanity. What a joy to meet you. The room was wonderful.
Richard & Pat Smith

Dear Shadi,
We had a wonderful time at your inn, in Bath & down the peninsula. We hope to return sometime soon, but it won't be soon enough. Kismet is delightful.
Sincerely, Rob & Sandy

Dear shadi, July 15, 2009
Thank you for the warmth of your hospitality and the sense of the Middle East you bring to Maine and Midcoast! As you say, this is not simply a place to stay in Bath but somewhere suspended in a quieter time and place, sup-fund with color, aromas, flavors and texture. you have created a very special place, very local craftsmanship but giving a layer world. I surely enjoyed our conversations.
Sincerely, Christine Tree

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for your hospitality in this beautiful house; it was refreshing place for all senses. When people ask us about Maine, you'll be mentioned first!
Yours Michael & Binaca, Munich, Germany

Dear Shadi,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience, great - exquisite food and the warm, sophisticated atmosphere. We love your place, full of peace and love and want to thank you for your great hospitality. We are hoping to come back soon! I loof forward to our next get together here.
Daniela & Vasile

Dear Shadi,
Thank you for being a part of our joy this weeend as we celebrated our engagement! You welcomed us to your lovely inn with open arms, and it was a pleasure to be here. Thank you for our first congratulations card, and we look forward returning time and again in years to come.
From "the people at peace with one another"
Sean & Sarah

What a wonderful time we had. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Your warmth and compassion was revitalizing, thank you. Jami and Chris, Chicago, il.


Debra Lee Babcock said...

When my mother and niece and I visited the Kismet Inn back in the summer of 2004, I believe we were the very first paying guests and we were the only ones there as well. Of course there was no blog at the time to tell everyone about our stay or about Shadi's incomparable hospitality. But now I can.

Although we had just met Shadi, at the door, for the first time, and spent just one night, it was an experience absolutely unlike any other stay in a B& B, of which I have had countless, either before or after, and Shadi and I have stayed in contact ever since.

To say that Shadi's apparent and graceful love of hosting and elegant care of every detail of our short stay was the backdrop for a the little poem that was our visit is to give you only a hint of it. For the real thing, the actual taste, you must go there yourself. I hope that you do. And I look forward to my own return one day...

Dr. Debra Babcock
Harmony Network Chiropractic & Yoga
Cape Cod, MA

Kismet Inn said...

Debra, it was a pleasure to have you, your mother and your niece. Yes, we have kept in touch and hope to continue our friendship.