Monday, December 17, 2012

Summer 2010

August 1, 2010
Thank you so much for creating such a lovely and peaceful environment for us to enjoy!  Everything about our stay was great, the breakfasts were delicious and I will miss them!  I am quite sure I'll be back for another stay!!
Katie Levy

August 1, 2010
Shadi, Thank you for creating such a lovely "home away from home"  I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy and relax your hospitality and thoughtful touches are evident throughout and truly appreciated.  It was a pleasure, I look forward to my next stay in Maine.
Lai P.

July 26, 2010
Thank you for the wonderful experience!  We had a lovely stay at Kismet Inn!  Your meals were delicious, your house is full of beautiful details; and you've made our long weekend in Maine an unforgettable one!  We look forward to staying with you again.

Shai & Jake -- It was a true pleasure to meet and dine with you!  We hope that our paths will cross again in the future!  To fun times!
Lijiu and Jack.

July 25, 2010
My sun (6) and I (59) had a wonderful, long weekend at the Kismet Inn, which rightfully should be re-named Shadi's welcoming home.  The room, hte home, the location, the organic food ---- but most of all the friendship and welcoming spirit.... must be experienced in full.   No words are adequate. Shadi, with all our gifts, joy and love.
Shai and Jake

July 2010
Shadi, It was a special treat for my family to be guests at your special Inn, hope to revisit you.
G from N.Y 

July 2010
Shadi,Thank you for making our stay exceptional.  Your hospitality, food and lovely home are sans-pareil!
Elain N.Y.

July 23, 2010
This was very pleasant break from our normal routines!  Thank you for a making our stay pleasant, enjoyable, restful and delicious!  God bless you!
Dennis and Susan, Washington. D.C  P.S Massage was great!

July 2012
Dear Shadi, Thank you so much for letting us stay with you in Bath.... with our big family, we had a wonderful time.... Capucine, Maximillian, and a great massage, thanks Ramon, 
Such a quiet place and a warm welcome!  Flo
It was great! Thanks for welcoming us, Emma.
I love the house, Mil.
Thanks for everything, Paupine.

What a treat for my wife and me to join you in this very special space.  The peaceful room, the comfortable bed, the superb organic meals served so beautifully, the deeply capable massage, and above all, the gracious warmth of the proprietress!  Thank you for providing us with this time.
Amie and Guppy.

Out of the thunderstorm and into the tranquility of Shadi's hospitality we landed!  Comfortable room, delicious food and delightful conversation were all part of our experience.  Thank you so much.
Mary and Ken, Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for the lovely experience - the fabulous meals, spices, herbs, teas, attention to all details.  the house is beautiful, the rooms are comfortable and we love the tranquility here.
Stasie and Wane, Stonybrook, NY

July 12, 2012
My wife Sandy and I met you Shadi, this day on our trip to Bath.  As soon as we first met we knew the "Kismet Inn" was where we were spending our time, in Bath.  Rather than calling your place an "Inn,"  you make it a "home" for us.  I don't know which is more beautiful, the home or the person living within.  You are a most beautiful woman who truly embodies the phrase "Elegant Simplicity"  You also offered us unconditional hospitality in sharing your home.  Your foods are so wonderful, as everything else is about your personality, caring, loving and sincere inner self.  You will be in our memories and stories until we can no longer shore them.  Thank you for such a wonderful stay,
Love, Ed and Sandra 

July 12, 2012
Thank you so much for this magical time at this sweet Inn.  The room, food and location are extraordinary.  Your company, your profoundly personal way of preparing and presenting your cooking and the way you treat your guests is a sheer delight.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to get to know you and hope to stop by at this little "paradise-of-castle" in the future: 
Fondest Wishes, Elly.

July 12, 2012
Dear Shadi, our stay at Kismet was extremely relaxing, and serene in every possible way.  From the moment we came in and were greeted with incredible hospitality and joy.  I have never felt as much at home at any other inn.  Your generousness and kindness shines through and reflects itself in the immensely tasteful details of every room, not mentioning the indescribable cuisine, of which the taste and description will forever remain in our memory.  Shadi, once again I cannot thank you enough, and wish you endless success and may this tradition continue to your next generations!  Hope to be back soon.
With love, Manoela. 

July 12, 2010
We had a really good time hear and the breakfast was great and I wish we can come back soon.  The room was excellent and we watched the sunset every night.  It was a great site.
Love, Namaste (A ten years old.) AND Kismet is an expression of your radiant beauty, inside and out.  Thank you so ------ Amy

July 5, 2010
Thank you for a wonderful mini-break.  The breakfasts were of such a lovely quality, and we enjoyed our conversations with you.  We wish you much success in the future.
Thanks again for this oasis!
Sincerely, Rachel and Steve, Phippsburg, NJ.

July 4, 2010
Thank you very much for your hospitality.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and with you all the best in your endeavor.  It is obvious that you have a passion for this work and a great eye for the details!  Thank you for making our anniversary weekend such a success.
Nelson & Jackie, Casco Bay

July 2, 2010
We have truly enjoyed our stay here at the Kismet Inn.  We needed a "pause for the cause" from our hectic pace of our lives.  And this was it.  By far the best bed we've ever slept and napped and read, and great coffee, a great atmosphere, great town and a truly gracious home and hostess.
Arron & Erin, Cape Cod, Mass

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"What a wonderful way to begin a new life together! Dani and I could not have picked a better place to kick off our honeymoon. Particularly memorable were an invigorating run with the innkeeper's husband and a ridiculously delicious meal of lamb in celebration of our "wedding" Kismet Inn Maine will always have a special place in our hearts.

"Thanks Shadi for such a wonderful time. I will miss the food, laughs, garden, and especially the soaking tub! Looking forward to the next time."

Love, D & M ......... July 2012

 Here is a photo of Saffron Room ~ the room they stayed in.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring 2010

June 18,2010
Thank you for a relaxing stay.

June 18, 2010
I wish we had more time to wander from room to room admiring, textiles and artwork.  Inhale the aroma coming out of the kitchen and forget life's challenges.  Thank you, Shadi, for the great conversation last night.
Laurel, Jason and Andy

June 16, 2010
Shadi's creation save and tasteful space for inner reflection and timeless being free spirit to fly to heaven and become one with its essence, union with nature and natural elements.

June 13, 2010
This is a stunning home and you have created a serene atmosphere, very beautiful and realizing.  We could spend days and weeks here.  Thank you for your hospitality and friendship.
Paul and Annnie

13 June 2010
 Sinking In
Memory foam mattress
Sinking in
Japanese bath
...Sinking in
colors fill my senses
Sinking in
Saffron, cardamom, rose water
Sinking in
the most graceful spirit
sinking in
the splendid soul
Thank you
Martha McClure &
Bradford Bowin

This is a lovely place.  Thank you so much for a healthful, soul-resting stay at the Kismet Inn.  We were camping for a week before arriving here, and this was the perfect rest-stop to rejuvenate, eat delicious food, and get our heads straight before returning to daily rind.
Happy, H & R

Dear Shadi,
Thank you for an unforgettable weekend. Everything from the room to the food to the treatments - was exquisite. You have impeccable taste in food and comfort. My mother and I had a fabulous time and feel refreshed and renewed. Your warmth, kindness and oneness were refreshing and lovely. We hope to return at least once a year and wish you all the luck in the world to make Kismet Inn the success it already is! We loved the exfoliation, the jams, cookies and sweet potatoes - and the tea!
Eugenia Cherkasskaya and Anna Cherkasky
P.S., there are too many things to enumerate that we loved!

Thank you for the retreat, the escape, the calm we savored along with the tea and the marvelous jams! We all need to remember to be still and enjoy such peaceful times.
Linda and Edith

Thank you so much, Shadi, for taking care of the Ward Family for all the years Sally was studying at Bowdoin. We appreciate your loving kindness, and gracious hospitality. When I think of Kismet, I think of all the things pure: your food, so lovingly prepared, your kindness, the sweet air, the clear Maine skies, the scent of water nearby. Thank you, thank you for providing a respite for us all these years -
Anny & David Ward, Jonathan, Becky, Sally & Nicholas.
P.S. Here's to the incomparable Shadi!

The Chance Family with me in the apron!

You have been a huge part of our lives. These past 3 years - providing comfort beauty and a loving presence. We could not have made it through the stressful weekends without knowing we were returning to the wonderful inn at night - & your tea & cookies & welcoming smile.
We will miss seeing you so regularly but it is not goodbye.
Thank you so much. Linda & John Chance
Abigail, Olivia, Graham & Uncle Bill
P.S. The graduation dinner was more than we expected - over the top!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Autumn 2009

9/27/09 What an amazing and relaxing stay. The delicious tea, cookies and breakfast will be remembered, as we look forward to our next visit to Kismet Inn Bed and Breakfast. Shadi ~ you are a wonderful host and we appreciate the lifestyle of god living that you have created here in this place like heaven! A very special thank you for all that you share! You are a beautiful person!
Happiness to you always, Linda & Richard, Tallahassee, Florida

9/15/09 As I read the comments your other guests have written they say everything I feel - staying here has been like "comfort food". I feel fortunate to have stumbled into your Inn, and feel "connected" to the energy you transmit -
Special thanks to the special attention - Angela Murray

9/11/09 To our new friend, Shadi - thank you so much for a wonderful 2 days here with you at Kismet Inn. We very much enjoyed meeting you, laughing with you, and experiencing your truly amazing house - what a haven! We are so glad we were able to end our vacation here in Bath - after all, "it's a lovely town!" Scrumptious dinner(we'll be saying abgoosht all the way home!) delectable breakfasts, wonderful location, aw-inspiring house with so many beautiful attributes, but most of all - your soul and spirit was evident. In everything we experienced we, and for that we are so fortunate. We feel rejuvenated! Thank you so much!
Beth & Bill Moll, Delmer, NY
P.S., you are right it is extraordinary hospitality, if only all the inns would offer that as well as you do!

9/7/09 Thank you for a wonderful 4th anniversary. What a fantastic surprise my husband gave me. Everything was elegant and absolutely perfect - The exfoliation and food we will not forget! Thank you.
Elizabeth and Jon, Boston, MA

9/7/09 Thank you so much! We both had a wonderful time. The food and hospitality were unparalleled, and the conversations were really enjoyable. We know, we have a home away from home! We'll make sure to thank Ajay & Khyati for the recommendation and will pass on our info to our friends too!
Thanks Sohi Parekh & Mala Radhkirishnan, Cambridge, MA.

9/5/09 Thank you so much, Shadi, for the hospitality, attentiveness, wonderful food. You have created such a peaceful & happy oasis.
Thank you, Glenn Etter, Burlington, VT.

9/5/09 Thank you! What a wonderful house, wonderful tea, wonderful company. See you again soon!
Tara McDonough, Portland, Maine

9/5/09 This was the most beautiful home and perfectly tailored for our group. The food was divine, the conversation excellent and the rooms inviting. I will come again! Or send others! Afternoon tea was perfect!
Thank you! Pardis Parsa, Medford, MA

9/5/09 Dear Shadi,

If I were to try to imagine the most exquisite tea, in the most magical setting, prepared by the most warmly charming hostess, I would have imagined our afternoon tea of today! It was my tea dream come true.
Thank you, Julie Biblehumer,
Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kismet Inn's Summer 2009 Testimonials

Dear Shadi,
What a warm and caring home you share. Thank you for the hospitality and enjoyable conversation over a scrumptious dinner & breakfast. Best wishes to you in your journey.
Sincerely Joe & Kara McManera

Shadi, Your inn has the perfect balance of a sensory rich yet extremely peaceful environment. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful hospitality. I wish you all the best.
Jana, Boston, MA

Thank you for yoru warm hospitality. We felt right at home. we thoroughly enjoyed the tea and sweets and the fabulous breakfast.
Warmest regards
Linda & Phil Mason, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Dear Shadi,
Thank you s much for reminding us what real hospitality means. You have created a wonderful place for crazy New Yorkers to get away to. Please join us at 'Raw Soul' in Harlem - it's the closes we can offer to a home cooked meal.
Thanks again, Candace & Ed
Harlem, NY

Shadi - Thank you so much for your hospitality and delicious food. This was the perfect end to our vacation. We will see you again soon!
Peter & Kim

Thank you for your hospitality and we thoroughly enjoyed your home. Great breakfast! Best wishes and luck to you.
Mich & Foy

We absolutely loved the house. Thank you for your warm hospitality and excellent tea. We hope to see you again soon. Best of luck.
Tom & Bette

Lovely home - beautifully decorated and situated so nicely on this lovely park! Great success to you and all the best going forward.
Thank you, Shadi! Judy

Dear Shadi
Thank you so much for the wonderful rest. Everything was great. Hope to visit you soon and take a advantage of the spa servies.
Warmest regards, Kathleen

Dearest Shadi -----
What a magical 24th. Your inn is nothing short of transformation. Thank you so much, we'll see you soon!!
Christine and Kevin

22nd, August
Shadi - It has been an absolutely delight to be here and to meet you. Thank you for arranging great massages and for the delights from your kitchen. And for you.

We are all pleased to have such a beautiful setting for this celebration of our 56th wedding anniversary.
Ed and Ruth Benedict and our family.

Shadi -
Thank you for a delightful August weekend. We took advantage of many of Maine's wonderful offerings - kayaking, biking, beach combing. After an afternoon of activity, nothing is better than a relaxing, refreshing shower and comfortable bed. We loved it all.
Best - Janet & David

Everything was wonderful. Thank you for your warmth and gracious welcoming hospitality - and the care and thought full of every detail! We hope to visit again.
David & Libbie

Shadi -
Although it was only a short stay, we fell in love with your beautiful inn and all of its treasures. Thank you for taking the time to give us a tour and for sharing with us the process of creating this wonderful place. One night was not enough... we will certainly be back!
Love, Anna & Colin

Shadi -
How would I not come here? We're almost family. It was wonderful!

Walking through the door is like stepping into another world. You made our first anniversary so... special. Thank you for your kindness. Your cooking was incredible. Our bellies are so delighted we just can't say enough. Thank you.
Love, Leah & Louie

We loved the scents in your home - the clear air, the shampoo & soap, and especially the wonderful food. It was a joy to be on the receiving end of your hospitality and of the wonderful meals that you provide. Both breakfasts I had here were full of new tastes for me, and I enjoyed them very much. I hope you continue to be blessed by your guests! Warm hearts, and also that you find time to get away and see family more often. Thank you for sharing so much of your spirit.
Blessings, Daniel Webb

August 10, 2009
You live in a beautiful state, in a beautiful home and you share the beauty of hospitality and the beauty of your spirit with your fortunate guests. Thank you for what you offer to us and to the world.
Peace, Lucy

Thank you Shadi for your lovely hospitality and delicious cooking and omelets! I feel as if I know you even though we didn't have much time to talk! We so appreciated you and your lovely home!
Tresca & Denny

Dear Shadi,
I loved every minute of my stay at the Kismet Inn! From the beautiful decor, to the wholesome and delicious food, to the most accommodating innkeeper. Everything was perfect! Nushijon as you say! Please tell Susan that her yoga sessions were great! Between the two of you my energy and spirit have been completely restored. Thank you!!! Catherine Parker, Rye, NY

Dear Shadi -
Such a beautiful, personal experience. Your decor is so unique and elegant and very much 'of you'. It is just a lovely place. I could have sat and read the whole time in the hyacinth room. Your food is so delicious and norturing. I hope to be able to come here again some day when I need another retreat. I found myself really missing my parents while I was here because I kept thinking that they would have loved it here too. Your husband and daughter are lucky to have such a creative talented, loving mother and wife. Much love, on,Shanti, Christina.

True care, compassion, and the finest company! You provided us with a very memorable weekend - Thank you for sharing your excellent talents with us.
Peace to you & yours & to our world :)
Gretchen & Bob 8/7-8/9 2009

It is with devotion and joy that you approach each day. Although it is your work, what manifests is a sweet and simple song, true to the near forgotten ways that recall a softer, slower time. There is a quiet celebration of life here at your Inn; the vibrant colors, the warmth, the tastes of a knowing cook connected to the Earth, the clear, clean breath of spaciousness, and a voice that mirrors the songbird qualities of a peaceful morning sunrise. Thank you for sharing your essence. A house is wood and mortar, a place to rest your head, but a home is comprised of life and an energy that afforded by the walls and a roof. Your home is a true place of beauty, for its essence is reflected not only in its brilliant design, but the openness of joyous spirit that is built with your care. Much thanks and many blessings.
Nushejon! Scott & Kim Sullivan, Woodbury CT

Shadi, Like ships passing while sailing through the night-
our kindred souls have connected in our paths of life-
We are eternally grateful for the uplifting experience.....
Lisa McDonnell & Sam

Dear Shadi, 'Enchanted Lady!'
You certainly deserve to be recommended for realizing your vision of an ambiance that is a remarkable combination of modern ethical integrity in traditionally gracious surroundings.
Thank you. Alice and John Trumball, Melbourn, Australia

Dear Shadi,
We jad such a wonderful time in Bath, ME especially at the Kismet Inn. Every inch of this inn is unique and beautiful. Breakfast was peaceful and delicious and we cannot wait to come back and visit soon.
Your friends, Kristine & Jeff
Kind of Prussia, PA

Dear Shadi,
Thank you for a wonderful place to stay on our 1st trip to Bath, ME. It was a lovely place to stay ond the farmers market was an excellent suggestion.
Best, Courtney, Josie, Dave & Addi

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for such a lovely visit in your relaxing and refreshing inn. Your hospitality is epic!
All the best, Megan & Murray

Dear Shadi,
You are my "soul mate" of sorts. You are wise and care for all of humanity. What a joy to meet you. The room was wonderful.
Richard & Pat Smith

Dear Shadi,
We had a wonderful time at your inn, in Bath & down the peninsula. We hope to return sometime soon, but it won't be soon enough. Kismet is delightful.
Sincerely, Rob & Sandy

Dear shadi, July 15, 2009
Thank you for the warmth of your hospitality and the sense of the Middle East you bring to Maine and Midcoast! As you say, this is not simply a place to stay in Bath but somewhere suspended in a quieter time and place, sup-fund with color, aromas, flavors and texture. you have created a very special place, very local craftsmanship but giving a layer world. I surely enjoyed our conversations.
Sincerely, Christine Tree

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for your hospitality in this beautiful house; it was refreshing place for all senses. When people ask us about Maine, you'll be mentioned first!
Yours Michael & Binaca, Munich, Germany

Dear Shadi,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience, great - exquisite food and the warm, sophisticated atmosphere. We love your place, full of peace and love and want to thank you for your great hospitality. We are hoping to come back soon! I loof forward to our next get together here.
Daniela & Vasile

Dear Shadi,
Thank you for being a part of our joy this weeend as we celebrated our engagement! You welcomed us to your lovely inn with open arms, and it was a pleasure to be here. Thank you for our first congratulations card, and we look forward returning time and again in years to come.
From "the people at peace with one another"
Sean & Sarah

What a wonderful time we had. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Your warmth and compassion was revitalizing, thank you. Jami and Chris, Chicago, il.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kismet Inn's Spring 2009 Testimonials

June 20, 2009
Shadi - Thank you for a truly unique experience, we had a wonderful time with you - thanks for the the amazing food, conversation, and hospitality. We hope to see you again!
David & Ellen H.
Farmington, Maine.

June 17, 2009
Dear Shadi, Thank you for the wonderful experience, exquisite food and absolutely beautiful accommodations. We loved your company, conversations and attention to detail. Ruby and Nika had the grandest of times here at Kismet. Nika says she, "loves the color of the housee," and Ruby says her favorite aspect is, "being able to be happy here." Our family will treasure our time with your Inn.
Il boca al lupo!
Best Regards,
Jason, Kelli, Ruby & Nika

Jason is an artist in San Fransico who did a great sketch expressing his thoughts about the inn ... that is what he does. Here is a link to his website

Dearest Shadi,
We will never forget our lovely two days here. I so look forward to learning more about food and cooking rom you somewhere in the future. Please let us know about your coming adventures.
So much love and well wishes ~ Kelli

Kelli is Jason's wife who is a photographer in San Francisco .. here is a link to her website

Dear Shadi, I like to think of Kismet Inn as a secretly subversive place. In a world that values efficiency and profit above all else. You remind us that a life lived with beauty and deliberateness is what matters. Thank you for your approach to life and for sharing it with two city folks. Thank you for this wonderful weekend. You give so much rest to others and I hope you remember to take some for yourself as well. Mamnoon!
John Jameson & Alice Sue 7th June 2009
(Washington, D.C. Via Euopra, MS & Bayside, NY)

We couldn't have planned a better way to close our Maine vacation, Kismet Inn was the perfect respite. We carry with us warm memories of beautiful accommodations and our hostess. The conversations were stimulating and edifying, and we look forward to future opportunities to continue where we left off. Thank you for everything!
Tacey & Rob 31-May 2009

"A truly extraordinary experience. In our overly processed world, Shadi has taken us back to a more gentle, patient, and peaceful time. Our dinner was a wonderful combination of spices, flavors & textures from around the world; prepared & presented in a wonderful manner. Thank you Shadi..
Chris & Kim 5/27/09

Such a delightful way to spend Mother's Day with my daughter!! Everything was wonderful, especially the graciousness of the hostess. This new experience will be one of my fondest memories.
Judy Love,
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

This most special of weekends with my daughters was so enhanced by the ambience and beauty here and the excellent food. The colors, the design of the rooms reflect the great care and love put into your inn have provided us with serenity we humbly and graciously take with us. It is our intention to come for more yoga, massage and delicious food. Thank you,
Connemara Wadsworth, 5/10/09

Dear Shadi,
We so enjoyed our weekend here! It was both restful and rejuvenating. Your food delicious and presented with warmth and care that I felt I could taste. Thank you for creating such a peaceful retreat - we look forward to returning.
Eliza Wagner 5/10/09

I leave here centered, at peace - and full of love and good food. Thank you, Shadi, for creating such a peaceful space for a delightful retreat with my mother and sister. Your warmth and hospitality topped it off.
Sarah Wagner

My dearest Shadi,
Yolanda and I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality and charm. The kismet wonder permeated our stay from the moment we crossed your threshold. From the steamy bath and luxurious be & period furnishings, we found a way to totally unplug and to just enjoy. Our light sumptuous breakfast was such an elegant way to start off our new day. Please stay in touch as we hope to spend our honeymoon together her in the early fall, God Willing.
John Sherwood.

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. We were able to relax and nourish ourselves by resting in this beautiful space and eating your delicious food. Take good care and we hope to see you again soon.
Kara & Ben Tierrney-Trevor South Portland

Thank you so much for a wonderful overnight stay! We are so grateful for all your kindness.
Thanks Shadi! Respectfully, Doug & Nancy Rountra
Enjoy your cards, Nancy

Dear Shadi,
Thank you so much for a wonderful night and some accommodations in such short notice. Spending time with my sister is always a treat, but this was extra special.
Woodbridge, Ct. Melissa Allen
Thank you for a wonderful and restful stay. You have inspired me to challenge myself in my knitting. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks, Cynthia Delaney , Bradford, Ct.

March 26-28, 2009
Shadi, A new page in my life ~ and in yours (as the 1st guest of 2009 & after recovering from the Inn's pipe burst last winter.) Uh, oh & now a change in pen's too!!

I am a mother/wife/nurse practitioner constantly caring for others. I am come looking for a place "to be." Though I have literally not left the house for 3 days, I feel without doubt I have been on one of the farthest and most adventurous journeys of my life.

I have smelled, sipped & savored new aromas & flavors. Heard & shared stories of distant lands, all the while feeling more & more connected to the basis of humanity. I have been bathed in old world traditions ~ literally & figuratively. I have opened myself to new experiences. And all the while traveling farther and farther from the known, I have somehow come back to the me I have always known.

It was my kismet (destiny) to find this place & these people at this time in my life. I am forever grateful to you, Emily, susan, & Martha for your care.
To new beginnings,
Jennifer Pinar, Wolfeboro, NH
P.S. thanks for knitting by the fire with me! :)